Three small bits.

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I wanted to drop a line to say I’d like to drop more lines.

I have information to tell you!

First of all I want to welcome Jasper Anson of NovaCurrent to my publicity team! I’ve known Jasper for years and we are both very excited to finally be working together to Make Peter New Great Again. So if you read or hear any interviews with me going forward, chances are Jasper had something to do with it. And thank goodness!

Second of all I’m excited to announce that our Crazy8 film Woodman has been licensed by our national broadcaster here in Canada for late in 2018- so you’ll be able to see the film 12 or 15 months from now on CBC, and presumably their website and affiliates and such. That gives our team ample time to fire the film out to festivals all over the globe prior to broadcast, so if you aren’t willing to wait til you’re old and grey just to see the movie, stay tuned to your local film festivals and maybe we’ll appear in the programming. Better still: petition your local festivals to acquire it! Maybe I’ll even fly around a bit and we can hob nob at swanky film parties! Who knows!?

Third I’m thrilled as punch to be going back to San Francisco this month and sticking my nose in at the Bay Area Brony Spectacular for the third time! Though: this trip marks my seventh trip to San Francisco. Maybe I’ll finally pop in at Alcatraz. I hear prison is nice in the spring.

All the best to all as always.



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