Ask Me (Us) Anything This Saturday!

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Well Jiminy Cricket!

I’ll be doing a big ol’ Ask Me Anything over on the Reddit this Saturday at 3pm Pacific.

More exciting still, Patrick Gilmore of SGU will be doing it with me! So now’s your chance to ask all your Stargate/My Little Pony/miscellaneous questions and get the answers you’ve always wanted! (well not NOW, but Saturday the 27th of April, 2013 at 3pm Pacific (that’s 6 Eastern, 11pm Greenwich, and Sunday morning at 9am (I think) if you’re in Sydney – maybe if you’re in Sydney you should double check my math because I would if I were you).

WHY are we doing this?

Well Patrick and I are both in a trailer for a new movie called Alien Abduction. We both want to be in the ACTUAL movie called Alien Abduction but we haven’t shot it yet because we don’t have the money. Thankfully we’re in a contest at Cinna Coo dot see eh wherein if we win we get a million dollars (which in the world of Canadian movie making is a LOT)!

How can you help?

Well all we ask is that when you visit us on Saturday at, you also visit cinecoup at the link above and vote as often as the site will let you (up to fifty times, I think it is now). And the best bit is: You don’t even have to be Canadian to vote! Ok that’s not “the best” – being Canadian is totally wicked but– well– you know what I’m saying.

So to recap:

1. Reddit. Saturday. 3pm Pacific. Peter New & Patrick Gilmore AmA.
2. Alien Abduction. Vote. (you don’t *have* to vote to ask a question, but it’d be real sporting of you.)

See you Saturday!


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