New Alien Abduction News

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So as you may or may not know, I’m involved in a project called Alien Abduction which is currently in competition to win a million smackers to put towards shooting.

We made a trailer which is pretty funny, and then some support vids that are pretty entertaining too. Next week the contest culls its top 40 entries down to 15!

To make that huge cut, we need votes (during the upcoming voting period) and hits (that’s you clicking on all our stuff).

At the end of this here link RIGHT HERE (click me), you’ll find more info, as well as our latest mission video in which I say nothing you haven’t heard me say as Big Macintosh. Please click, and remember to find your way back next week and vote for us (you can vote up to 35 times or so!).

Also: here’s a picture of me and Andrew Francis which is not actually a picture of me and Andrew Francis.



I’m pretty sure, actually that Michelle Creber is off to my left and I’m eyeing her because if I don’t she’ll throw crumpled paper at my head.



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