Las Pegasus Interviews

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Hey does anyone remember a little convention we had in Las Vegas? Well a lot of fun was had, despite the goings on. So here are a couple of interviews I did with Everfree Network while there.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you, though. When we did this first interview we had this grand plan! I would do three interviews. In the first, I would be cocky about my gambling chances, in the second I would be experiencing a “temporary glitch” or somesuch, and in the third, they would discover me, destitute in an alley. Perhaps not the most hilarious thing in the world, but a bit of fun that by the time we got around to recording part two seemed… well… kind of real. With the con in such dire financial straits, it seemed – if not in poor taste, at least not funny to pretend to be destitute, temporarily or otherwise.

So here are the two interviews I gave them, part one of the “Peter New Ends Up Destitute in an Alley” trilogy and below that, the weirdness that resulted when we realized we had no other viable ideas.

Personally I like the second one better. You be the judge.


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