This Week In New-Land

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After Many Moons with no website, I finally have one up and running again, and I daresay it’s a welcome improvement over the last one. Let me know if you find any glitches, holes, preferences, etc. and I’ll see about accommodating them (though I have my preferences, too, so I won’t make any promises).

This week is pretty wide open. I had a ball on last night’s Pegasisters Live intercast, and enjoyed being in the Chattybox. I was hoping to announce the presence of this website ¬†there, but alas, some technical difficulties scuppered my chances. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, and we can devote more time to chatting, Chattybox questions and me saying stuff like, “Go watch this video of me singing a Thriller homage with Kyle Rideout and the the rest of the LPS gang!”


Catchy, no? T minus how many seconds, do you figure, til wolfified LPS/MLP fanart?

I’ll be hitting the mean streets running and maintaining my new fave workout at the yoga studio. And there’s a peppering of auditions, too. Well, one (and more may come, so fingers crossed).

Meantime, happy browsing! I hope you enjoy my site’s new look!



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